Founded in 2005 by Frank Tralli, Aries provides corporate finance and business advisory services on a consulting basis. Click here for an overview of our services and what we like to call "The Aries Path to Success.”

Why Aries? What makes us different?

We're creative and flexible with our solutions and provide great value for the services provided. We like to think of ourselves as having the experience and know-how of a large consulting firm, but without the bureaucracy and overhead. This allows us to provide excellent customer service while charging competitive fees for the services we provide.

Our background is broad based. We have worked in numerous industries including manufacturing, distribution, services, direct marketing, insurance and entertainment. And although industry specialization can be good, there is value in being a generalist. We're able to provide a fresh perspective on your situation rather than always providing the same industry specific solution. And we can recommend best practices observed from other industries that can be applied to the specific issues facing your company.

We've walked in your shoes. Unlike other consultants, we've run companies. We know cash is king. We also know there may be times when all you are thinking about is how to meet next week's payroll or to placate a key supplier. If you're in this situation, you're not focusing on growing your business. Not only can we offer you the proper advice to rectify an unsatisfactory situation, we can help you execute the solution if required.

We're still improving. In our ongoing efforts to provide exceptional customer service to our clients, we are continually looking to upgrade our knowledge base and skillsets. To that end, our President, Frank Tralli, CPA obtained the Corporate Finance (CF) Specialist Designation administered by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. The CF Qualification is an intense 18 month program that covers all key areas of corporate finance including: business financing, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, divestitures and valuations.

We won't waste your time. Our goal is to add value to all of our client interventions, not to bill every second of every hour of time that we work with you. In the rare instance where we can't add value, we'll let you know immediately and refer you to someone who can.

Success Stories

"Aries and Frank were tireless advocates for our client with a variety of financial institutions..and was crucial in coordinating the business aspects of the financing."
- Albert Luk

"Throughout the six plus years that Frank has worked with the company, his recommendations of a financial and operational nature have been sound and objective."
- G. Morris

"Frank handled the transition smoothly and adeptly. He kept both lenders apprised of the situation and the transition was completed within six weeks from start to finish."
- M. Bhullar

"I would not hesitate to recommend Frank and his firm to another company who requires advice on their capital structure, is looking to switch lenders, or is in need of guidance of a financial or strategic nature."
- C. Harris

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