Business Financing Services

How We Can Help

Qualify, Qualify, Qualify - The key to our success is to determine within a relatively short time, how (or if) we can help you. We will assess your situation and determine what the best financing alternative is for your company. We will then obtain the financing on your behalf.

Time is the most expensive resource that an entrepreneur has. We won't waste it.

Determine Your Cash Flow Requirements - A key part of determining what the best financing alternative is for your company is to assess your current and future cash flow needs. Size matters, and it may change our recommendation from one alternative to another.

Prepare Business Plans and Financial Projections - We will assist you in the preparation and formation of a company business plan and financial projections. Most lenders won't even consider a company for a loan unless this is provided as part of the application.

Assemble the Financial Information Package Required to Secure Financing - In addition to a business plan, lenders will require additional information in order to complete their due diligence and approve a loan. We know what lenders want to see and in what format they like to see it in. If the package is shoddy and unprofessional, the chances for approval will be small.

Negotiate the Terms and Conditions of the Financing - We will assist in the negotiation of all of the key points of a term sheet both prior to and after its issuance to ensure the best deal for the customer.