Mergers & Acquisitions

How We Can Help

We will assist you in preparing the overall M&A strategy. If your vision is eventually to sell the company, we will work backwards and prepare a plan on how to maximize value by the targeted sale date. If the plan is to pass the company onto insiders or family members, we will provide you with a strategy to ensure a smooth transition while maximizing your liquidity at the time of the sale. If an acquisition is in order, we will identify and value targets that will be a good cultural fit and will also enhance shareholder value.

We will help you execute the plan. This will include steps to enhancing value creators, and reducing value destroyers. The plan may call for an acquisition to realize synergies and increase scale in order to attract additional potential buyers when it comes time to sell your business.

We will value your business. We will use multiple valuation methods, focusing on the one or two methods that are best suited to achieve the maximum value for your company.

We will facilitate the sale of your business. By being part of the overall M&A strategy from the start and assisting with its execution, we will be able to maximize value when it comes time for a sale. We'll know what the value drivers are and we'll highlight them during the sales and negotiation process. And we'll minimize the value destroyers.

We will facilitate or execute the due diligence process. We've been on both sides of the due diligence fence. We know how to highlight the positives on the sell side and where to look for the skeletons on the buy side. Whatever side we're on, we'll do our best to improve your position during the transaction.