Testimonials and Case Studies

"In addition to managing the entire re-financing process, Frank also assisted us with our operational issues as well. We worked closely with Frank while he prepared a fully integrated forecast and offered advice on what we needed to do to improve our profitability. He recommended (and we accepted) the changes required in order to avoid the issues that arose in the past."

- M. Bhullar, Mavron Transport Inc. Read entire letter

"We were apprehensive about engaging Frank and his firm at first as we had tried on our own to refinance the business and had used another consultant in the past with no success...but it turned out to be one of the best decisions we made.."

- R. Starr, IMBC Blowmolding Inc. Read entire letter

"...Frank worked directly with our Management in negotiating the terms and conditions of the forbearance agreement with the Bank which allowed sufficient time to replace it with an alternative lender...Frank sourced the lender, negotiated the terms and conditions of the offer letter and assisted with the lender's due diligence."

- G. Hoffman, Entertainment World Read entire letter

"Aries and Frank were tireless advocates for our clients with a variety of financial institutions. When one of the proposed members of the syndicate of lenders declined to fund, Frank was able to keep the remainder of the syndicate together while finding another solution."

- Albert Luk, Nesathurai & Luk LLP Read entire letter

"Aries was initially retained as a part-time consultant to assist our CFO with his reporting requirements to our Bank and to generate forecasts for the upcoming year. I would not hesitate to recommend Frank and his firm to another company who requires advice on their capital structure, is looking to switch lenders, or is in need of guidance of a financial or strategic nature."

- C. Harris, Direct Plastics Ltd. Read entire letter

"Frank was retained to act as our company's part time Chief Financial Officer in August, 2005.Throughout the six plus years that Frank has worked with the company, his recommendations of a financial and operational nature have been sound and objective."

- G. Morris, Morris National Inc. Read entire letter

"Throughout the three-plus years that I worked with Frank, I found his advice and professionalism to be extremely helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend Frank and his firm to another company which is in need of a part-time CFO or who requires assistance with the sale or acquisition of a business."

- C. Gilliss, Preferred Benefits Alliance Inc. Read entire letter